Oggling For LomoGoggles? Oh No…You’ve Been Fooled!

2013-04-01 30

We are terribly sorry, but even though they are incredibly cool, unfortunately LomoGoggles aren’t in fact a real invention – It’s a cheeky little April Fool’s by us folks at Lomography. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to take a break from digital and enjoy all the wonders of analogue without these fashionable specs – head past the jump to find out how!

Credits: patorayado

That’s right, we’re afraid to say LomoGoggles weren’t in fact invented by Lomographic scientists but by a team of pranksters here at Lomography for April Fool’s Day! As much as we’d love to see an invention that can hide digital devices, one doesn’t exist right now. But what does exist is a ton of different ways you can take a break from digital whenever you feel like it. Why not try out one of our Analogue Day Activities for some non-digital fun? Then you can show us analogue photos of your activities in the My Analogue Life Photo Contest! Or dare to be different and take a digital break by showing us your craziest analogue adventures in the My Analogue Life Video Contest.

Also in just a couple of weeks’ time on April 12th, we’ll be having huge events celebrating analogue at Film Photography Day across the globe. Check out where the events are happening and join us for the fun!

*Analogue Day Site*

written by tomas_bates on 2013-04-01 #news #lomogoggles


  1. kimpy05
    kimpy05 ·

    Bwahahahaha!!! Happy Fool's Day

  2. aben7117
    aben7117 ·

    u got me >,<

  3. xtina70
    xtina70 ·

    haha, i knew it!! Happy Fool's Day :p

  4. moonofcoffee
    moonofcoffee ·

    not cool, lomography, not cool...

  5. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    What is the request for April?

  6. terenceslh
    terenceslh ·

    ~~bastards~~~catching my breath after running and then this~~i lost my breath again~~haha

  7. grazie
    grazie ·


  8. themadmuggle
    themadmuggle ·

    Curses! I thought this was real! Lol..!

  9. sirio174
    sirio174 ·


  10. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Ha ha, A bit contradictory with the website, smart phone scanner etc!!

  11. cadigan
    cadigan ·

    LomoGoggles may be an April Fool's joke, but they would make GREAT sunglasses. Why not make them anyway? It would be a great way for Lomo enthusiasts to recognise each other. Plus, they'd be so much less pricey than Google Glass. At the moment, Google is cherry-picking beta testers, who will pay the princely sum of $1600 for the privilege, plus transportation to Google HQ for training–which is mandatory. They're not allowed to beta test unless they do. <–––––not an April Fool joke.

    Come on, it would counteract the digital elitism of such a thing, which is utterly tasteless in this economy. But equally important, it would be great fun. and you know it.

  12. petit-prevost
    petit-prevost ·

    I send you this mail not wait until my computer disappear
    nice wink ^^

  13. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    you just trolling me.nice one though ;)

  14. robotto_dawad
    robotto_dawad ·

    bwahahahah nice one :)

  15. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    i knew it :P

  16. woodysak
    woodysak ·

    LOL !!!!

  17. enfyulfur
    enfyulfur ·

    They look pretty cool though

  18. flashstalker
    flashstalker ·

    LoL ^_^

  19. segata
    segata ·

    Knew it before I even clicked, amusing idea though

  20. mariskaviska
    mariskaviska ·

    i thought it couldn't be real but didn't link it to aprils fool XD

  21. paulm99
    paulm99 ·

    damn... you trolled me :D

  22. marcelossaur
    marcelossaur ·

    awww, now you owe me one!

  23. eelii
    eelii ·

    Haha! Nice joke! :D I thought it was too perfect to be real...

  24. pora-wshbrn
    pora-wshbrn ·

    i knew it! trolls hahaha

  25. hmarines
    hmarines ·

    OMG, You got me... I thought it was crazy but i really bielived it was true!

  26. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Make them anyway, colour the lenses deep rose, call them Lomo Beer Goggles, and advertise them as making "Closing Time Girls/Boys, etc." of all species beautiful. Just make the disclaimer that "Results may vary". Be a great product. I bet you could get US$15-20/pair, a real profit center!

  27. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    BTW... It also occurs to me that you could offer a deep green filter for use with B&W with a similar claim, and you would, in a narrow way, be telling the truth for portraiture. Blemishes are red, and the green filter blocks red light, making a flawless complexion. There is your Lomogoggles. (See photos of Jean Harlow or Clara Bow. They were usually hungover and very flushed.)

  28. _rizzang
    _rizzang ·

    I knew before I clicked it that this would be a prank, but lomography still got me! Cool idea tho (Y).

  29. paspal
    paspal ·

    hahhahahah when I saw my mails, the first thing that I said to myself: "April 1st?! Has it really been that long?!" Thanks to remember the passing of time to me ;) and yes, these googles are so stylish, I want'em! ^_^

  30. billyb
    billyb ·

    Damn! I was going to tweak so the GOP (Republican Party, Religious Right and Tea party would disappear! Then I remember I am as a vampire so I am not visible via a mirror!!!!! LOL If only I could :-(

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